cat shelves


CatScapes Cat Shelves Coming to Kickstarter!

UPDATE: CatScapes is now live on Kickstarter! Visit their campaign page to see the rewards available for backing this project! I’m excited to tell you that one of my favorite new products, CatScapes Cat Shelves, is getting ready to launch on…

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Cat Cafes

CatCafe Lounge :: Los Angeles, CA

If you’re ever in Los Angeles you all have to stop by the CatCafe Lounge and say hi to some very happy cats. This beautifully designed cat cafe houses 35 to 40 adoptable cats in a spacious, light-filled room that is…

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Residential Catification

Stairway to Kitty Heaven

Easily create your own customized kitty stairway using the simple Bjarnum/Jarpen shelf system from IKEA. The shelves can be cut to any length and the cut edge is concealed by the sturdy metal hardware that attaches the shelf to the wall. This…

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