I’m always on the lookout for attractive pre-made shelving that could be used to create cat climbing walls. Here are a few of my finds that you could easily mix and match to create a wonderfully creative cat climbing wall:

  1. Creative Connectors Trio Wall Mount Shelves$35.95
    These shelves measure 15.75″ wide by 22.6″ tall by 6.71″ deep and could be used in combination with the others to create a great vertical walkway.
  2. Melannco Espresso Nesting “U” Shelves, Set of 3$20.00
    These little shelves are only 4″ deep, so they might not work with larger cats, but petite cats could use them to navigate a narrow space, like a hallway. You’d have to experiment with your own cats to see if they would use them.
  3. Creative Connectors Trio2 Wall Mount Shelves$35.95
    Measuring 31.5″ wide by 14.35″ tall by 6.71″ deep, use these shelves to create a fun stairway for your cats.
  4. Creative Connectors Invisible Mount Corner Wooden Shelving $24.60 to $60.73
    This corner shelf comes in four different sizes and mounts with invisible hardware. The largest shelf is perfect for creating a destination point along your cat superhighway.

Some of these shelves may not be big enough for cats to curl up on, but they could be used to create the lanes of your cat climbing wall, linking from one destination point to the next.

PLEASE NOTE: You may have to add extra supports to some of these shelves to make them safe for your cats to climb on. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the shelves securely. It’s always best to drill into the wall studs whenever possible.

Also, make sure to add a non-slip surfaces to the top. 3M Safety-Walk Gray Indoor/Outdoor Treadis a good option, or you could cut pieces of carpet or sisal and attach to the top of the shelves with Velcro. These Non-Skid Sisal Carpet Stair Treadswould also work really well.

Most importantly, watch your cats to see what they like and make changes to accommodate their preferences. And have fun creating something that both you and your cats will love! If you do create a custom cat climbing wall, please send in your photos, we’d love to see it!