BAUBAU modern felt cat climbing wall, designer cat furniture

Last week at the SuperZoo Expo in Las Vegas, I came across this breathtaking new cat product line from Korean company BAUBAU. The concept is truly innovative, using molded industrial felt to create modular components that form a customizable cat climbing wallscape. It’s an impressive use of this material resulting in a sleek, modern style.

Modern cat climbing wallscape from BAUBAU

Cats climbing on modern felt modular climbing wall by BAUBAU

The chief designer of BAUBAU is Dr. Kyuman Song, Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at Hong Ik University in Seoul. Dr. Song was inspired to create pet products using the PET acoustic board material manufactured by Burgeree. The line is not yet available, but will include three different wallscape collections that can be totally customized, wall-mounted pods for climbing and resting, and several beautiful molded felt beds.

Wall-hanging felt cat lounge pods with modern look from BAUBAU

The company uses a special process to mold and cut the felt forms. The material is incredibly strong, very architectural, and it comes in a variety of colors from neutral to vibrant. My only feedback is that some of the hideaway pieces in the wallscape may need to be a bit bigger to accommodate typical American cats, but other than that I can’t wait to see these products come to the market. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on availability!

BAUBAU modern felt pet furniture at SuperZoo

BAUBAU modern per furniture, PET acoustic board, SuperZoo exhibit

Modern modular cat climbing wall from BAUBAU