UPDATE: CatScapes is now live on Kickstarter! Visit their campaign page to see the rewards available for backing this project!

I’m excited to tell you that one of my favorite new products, CatScapes Cat Shelves, is getting ready to launch on Kickstarter! I found this innovative modular cat climbing system last year and I’m thrilled to see they are ready to make it a reality.

The CatScapes Kickstarter campaign will help them raise the funds they need to order the first round of shelves, and by backing their campaign, you can be the first to receive a set (or two) at a deep discount.

The key to CatScapes is a patent pending adjustable hinge-bracket system that allows you to position each shelf at any angle. You can connect multiple shelves together to create longer runways or ramps and to build hubs that direct the flow of traffic on your cat superhighway. Once I fully understood how the brackets work, that’s when I realized just how innovative this system is. You can create any configuration on any wall very easily.

CatScapes will be sold in kits that include the brackets, solid wood shelves and bound carpet pads. The Kickstarter campaign will offer discounts up to 46% off retail! You will also be able to purchase the brackets separately and use your own shelves of any length, however some modification to the boards will be required to fit the brackets and you’ll have to add your own carpet pad.

I’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on when the CatScapes Kickstarter launches, and you can sign up for their email list at CatScapes.com. I’m excited to see this product come to life and hope you are, too!

FTC Disclosure: I am working closely with CatScapes to make their Kickstarter campaign a success. As a member of the team, I will be compensated if the campaign is successful. That said, I truly believe in this product and the people running the company, otherwise I would not be putting my effort behind it.