Now is your chance to score some big savings on the new Boxscoop 2.0! This innovative modern litter box is now available on Kickstarter with some deep discounts, including extra savings only available in the first 36 hours of the campaign!

The Boxscoop 2.0 is the new and improved version of the the original Boxscoop, released last year. The first version was wildly successful, but the inventors, James and Michelle, knew they could make it even better. Based on feedback from the first version, the Boxscoop 2.0 is now larger and has a leak-proof seam between the top and bottom sections.

The Boxscoop also has a large 11.5″ entry hole on top. The box can be used with or without the lid and can accommodate larger cats quite easily. The round shape allows cats to turn around inside the box with a natural motion.

What really makes this litter box innovative is the scooping mechanism. The bottom of the box is rounded and the special patent pending scoop hugs the sides, removing clumps easily, even if they are stuck to the bottom. It has been tested with all types of clumping litter and performs perfectly. I’m very excited to test this litter box myself!

And, of course, the other thing I love about the Boxscoop is that it doesn’t look like a litter box, it’s more like a piece of modern furniture or sculpture.

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