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Our friends over at Dezi & Roo just released some new cat toys that are guaranteed to be a hit with the kitties! Their new ring toys are all made from eco-friendly and chew-friendly paper with some features cats will love.

There are three toys in the line, the Oh-Ring made with three interlocking paper rings, the A-lure-ring, a paper ring with a fuzzy tail, and the Flutter-ring, a paper ring with a crunchy, fluttery paper tail. All of these toys are great for cats to play with on their own or you can easily attach them to any wand toy with a string that has a clip on the end. The natural paper is safe for cats to chew on, plus they can loop a paw through the ring and toss these around all day. The added tails make them extra fun!

There’s a fourth new toy, the Cuttlefish cat wand toy attachment. Made from strips of crinkly paper that sound like small prey rustling around in the leaves. Attach this toy to any wand you already own.

All Dezi & Roo products are designed by a cat-only veterinarian to help cats stay active, engaged and entertained. These toys and more are available from the Dezi & Roo Etsy shop.

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