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Regular sifting litter boxes have some issues. They are usually made from plastic and can easily get clogged with litter, requiring extensive cleaning. Kitty Sift offers an eco-friendly alternative to this problem that helps keep litter fresh longer.

How does it work? Like other sifting litter boxes, Kitty Sift has multiple slotted layers. Simply lift the top layer to remove solids allowing clean litter to fall to the layer below. Kitty Sift is made from 100% recycled pulp material that is water resistant and durable. If you use a good clumping litter you should be able to re-use the layers multiple times by rotating 180º and placing at the bottom of the stack inside the tray. If a layer becomes soiled you can dispose of it with peace of mind knowing that the pulp material is biodegradable and compostable.

The natural fiber material will help to keep litter fresher longer and you won’t have to spend time scraping like you do with traditional plastic sifting litter boxes. The removable shield helps keep litter inside the box. Kitty Sift comes in two sizes, large and jumbo, which can be used as a standalone litter box or as a liner inside compatible covered litter boxes.

Kitty Sift is available as a 2-pack on Amazon.

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