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UPDATE 1/22/19: Patti’s catnip snakes are currently sold out, but she is making more! Keep an eye on her Etsy shop!

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Great excitement in our house right now! We just got two new Valentine Catnip Snakes from Patti Haskins and everyone is going wild! My cats absolutely freak out over these toys, and the new designs for Valentine’s Day are adorable.

Patti’s handmade snakes trigger all of a cat’s natural instincts. They pounce on them, toss them in the air, bunny kick and bite the heck out of them. They really have the look and feel of a garden snake, but with beautiful fabrics so you can stand having them in you home. Also, this catnip is some of the best in the world!

Patti’s handmade catnip snakes are available from her Etsy shop. Order two or more and use discount code MULTIPLE for 20% off your order!

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