The 2018 Hauspanther Collection is on display this week at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and I wanted to give you a little sneak preview, too! We have some exciting new items in the collection coming out later this year, all designed by yours truly and manufactured by the fine folks over at Primetime Petz. Here’s what’s new:

We all know cats love to sit in sinks, right? Well, the NestEgg is a unique raised cat bed with a clear plastic lounge pod that simulates the feeling of a sink. We gave it a sleek mid-century modern look with hairpin legs and it doubles as a side table, so kitty can lounge close by.

We also discovered some alternative uses for the NestEgg, including using it as a cat grass planter or for cat toy storage.

While testing the NestEgg with my cats, I found that they really enjoyed it when I tossed a toy into the plastic pod. It creates what I call a “play pod,” enticing cats to paw at the toy from above and below. It’s hilarious to watch and cats enjoy the fun!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! You could also use the NestEgg as a beverage server, a candy dish or even a knitting basket (but make sure to supervise kitty around any loose yarn!)

The TriPod offers a lower alternative to the NestEgg with the same clear plastic lounge pod. Again, the TriPod simulates a sink with a cool modern look, while taking up less space and allowing easy access from the floor. Can also be used as a bed, planter, toy storage, candy dish, etc.

Get ready for the most colossal scratching post you’ve ever seen! Behold the MaxScratch! This oversized scratcher is stable and sturdy, measuring 29″ tall and 9″ in diameter, plus it has a built-in carpeted perch on top. Cats love to scratch, climb and play on this bad boy and you’ll love how it looks in your living room. Extra thick jute rope gives the MaxScratch a unique look and provides a long-wearing scratching surface.

This little invention is pretty unique and I’m quite excited about it! The Scratch Pole is an adjustable cat scratcher that fits under any table or desk, taking advantage of unused space. Simply twist to adjust the height, ranging from 26.5″ to 31.5″ and secure under a tabletop. Non-slip pads on the top and bottom keep the Scratch Pole from sliding while protecting your floors. The natural seagrass rope is perfect for scratching and it looks great, too. A matching seagrass toy entices kitty to scratch and play.

. . .

All these new products, along with new and improved versions of the original Hauspanther Collection products, will be available by summer 2018. I will be sure to keep you posted on pricing and availability, including pre-ordering from the Hauspanther online store. We welcome your comments and feedback!