Introducing Urban Feline Modern Cat Furniture

Ir you’re looking for totally unique cat furniture that can be customized to your color scheme, then check out San Diego-based Urban Feline. Not only do they offer quality, handcrafted products, but they are also very eco-conscious. The Urban Feline…

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Snowpaw Wood & Sisal Cat Scratcher

Here’s a good looking new sisal cat scratcher from Snowpaw. The woven sisal scratch pad attaches to a sleek wooden frame and adjustable legs allow you to position the scratcher at a number of different angles. It uses nice natural…

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Rest, Scratch

Modern Kitty Satellite Cat Tree

Here’s a great looking new multi-story cat hangout! It’s the Satellite Cat Tree from Modern Kitty and I love both the materials and the shape. The tree has two inside level and is covered in soft microplush fabric. Openings allow…

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