Cat Cafes

CatCafe Lounge :: Los Angeles, CA

If you’re ever in Los Angeles you all have to stop by the CatCafe Lounge and say hi to some very happy cats. This beautifully designed cat cafe houses 35 to 40 adoptable cats in a spacious, light-filled room that is…

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NEW! Catty Stacks with Bridge!

One of our long-time favorite cat climbing systems, Catty Stacks, has a new feature that looks fantastic! The new bridge connects two Catty Stacks boxes together, creating a little walkway for your cat. Catty Stacks are the original modular cardboard…

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Climb, Rest

Comfy Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

Here’s a new wall-mounted cat hammock that creates a cozy perch for your cat! A soft fleece hammock is suspended between two sisal-wrapped posts that mount to the wall with the included hardware. Measuring 18″ wide and 10.5″ deep it’s…

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