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This product creatively combines multiple things that your cat needs to be happy and healthy. The Big Nose Wall-Mounted Cat Scratching Post is much more than a scratcher. It also lets cats climb and play, plus it has a sleek look, almost like a modern wall sculpture.

The simple triangular posts attach to the wall, creating perches and steps for your cat plus a nice scratching surface. Dangling toys add extra interest and fun. Each step, when properly mounted according to the instructions, can hold up to 15 lbs.

You can position the Big Nose Scratchers to create a floating staircase leading up to the top of a bookshelf or a cabinet. The compact size and interesting shape adds a nice visual element to your decor. Once the rope is worn out you can easily replace the covered portion.

The Big Nose Scratchers come in a set of two posts and are available on Amazon. Perfect for creating a whole climbing wall!

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