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Ir you’re looking for totally unique cat furniture that can be customized to your color scheme, then check out San Diego-based Urban Feline. Not only do they offer quality, handcrafted products, but they are also very eco-conscious.

The Urban Feline Modular Cat Condo comes in a variety of configurations. Each piece is covered in premium fabric in the colors of your choice. There are compact configurations for smaller spaces and larger layouts if you have the room. The coolest thing is that each piece can be replaced separately once it becomes worn.

Pair your Urban Feline Cat Condo with any of their wall-mounted pieces to create the perfect climbing area for your cat! The Cradle, the Perch and the Panel all coordinate and attach solidly to the wall, offering a more physical workout for kitty.

For a little tropical fun, check out the Caribbean Palm Cat Tree with big soft green leaves that can be configured in different ways. A perfect paradise for any cat!

The Urban Feline Tent is a great little cocoon that matches all their other products. A sturdy 12″ arch is covered with soft fabric, creating an open-ended tube that lets kitty sit inside or on top.

Andy finally, round out your Urban Feline collection with these cozy pillow beds and adorable bird toys. Both made with the same luxury faux fur for a coordinated look. 

Visit the Urban Feline Etsy shop to see all the color options and order your customized pieces today!

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