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The design team over at Tuft+Paw just launched a new modern litter box based on feedback they received from customers and it looks like another winner. Meet Cubby Litter Box, a relative of the original Cove Modern Litter Box. Cubby is a streamlined version of Cove, with the same 8″ high walls to contain messes and a sturdy anti-stick plastic basin. Cubby is generously sized at 21.2″ x 15.2″, plenty of room for larger cats.

The semi-transparent walls give cats privacy without making them feel trapped. I love the corner opening because it minimizes tracked litter while allowing for easy access and clear sight-lines. Cubby is lighter to pickup and move than Cove but the plastic is still very high quality with a matte finish that won’t absorb odors. This is a fantastic liter box and a lower price point than Cove with beautiful modern styling that will look fabulous anywhere in your home.

Cubby is now shipping and can be ordered at

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