Adorable Breadbox-sized Cat Bed

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There’s nothing cuter than a cat curled up in loaf position, until now! ToastyCat is an adorable new cat bed in the shape of a bread loaf. Kitty can curl up inside in sheer comfort, and she’ll never want to leave. (See below for discount code!)

Bread-shaped Cozy Cat Bed

ToastyCat measures 12″ x 7″ x 7″ inside, the size of a typical shoe box, and we all know how much cats love shoe boxes. The soft foam walls flex to accommodate even the fluffiest of felines. Each ToastyCat bed comes with a plush butter toy for kitty to play with while she enjoys her new cozy hangout.

ToastyCat Breadbox Cat Bed

Breadbox-Sized Cozy Cat Bed, ToastyCat

The ToastyCat team is dedicated to helping cats, so a portion of each sale is donated to Meow Parlour Cat Adoption Center in New York City. This is the first of many cute cat products we will see coming from this team. You’ll want to be sure to snap a photo of your cat in the ToastyCat and send it to them so they can share it on Instagram @mytoastycat (follow them too!)

Special Savings for Hauspanther Readers!

ToastyCat is offering a special deal just for Hauspanther readers! Enter discount code HAUSPANTHER at checkout when purchasing from and you will receive a 12% discount! Regular price is $45, with the discount code you pay just $39.60, plus you’ll get FREE SHIPPING to addresses in the continental US.

TopastyCat Cozy Cat Bed in the shape of a loaf of bread

Plush Butter Stick Cat Toy

ToastyCat cozy bread loaf cat bed

Photos by Stacey Axelrod, NYC Pet Photographer

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