Jake and Karen have done it again! Remember their awesome DIY Modern Cat Platforms? Well, this time they designed and built an ingenious windowsill perch. Odie and Suzy really enjoyed looking out the office window, but the accommodations (see below) were less than optimal. So Jake and Karen set to work. Their challenge was to design a perch that fit in with their modern style, worked well for the cats, and did not cover the vent in the floor directly below the window.

The perch is constructed from solid pine using biscuit joints. Careful consideration was given to the design of the perch. It makes excellent use of space by providing a comfy spot on top plus a cozy nook inside. Peep holes provide opportunities for paw pokes and all the edges are rounded to soften the look and make it safer for the cats. A nice soft cushion (made with reused feathers from an old pillow) tops off the perch. What a lovely spot for keeping an eye on the neighborhood!

For more photos and all the details, please visit Jake and Karen’s website.