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Here’s a really fun Catification project I designed recently for some of my favorite people, the Two Crazy Cat Ladies, Jae and Adrienne! They are experts on natural feline health, offering information and products that help cats live long, happy, and healthy lives. Check them out at and get 5% off with code SAVE5NOW on everything including Feline Essentials, their top quality line of supplements for cats.

Jae and Adrienne wanted to add a fun climbing wall in their family room for their six cats to enjoy. It needed to be durable and fit in with the rest of their decor. They have a cat superhighway in the living room and wanted this one to match.

I created this design using the new line of wall-mounted cat climbing furniture from Armarkat. This line is made from solid wood, making it both durable and easy to clean. The wood can be painted to match your decor, which is what we did here to match the white shelves in the other room. The wall is tied together with a long, low shelf and ramp that mirrors the existing shelves in the living room. This shelf gives the cats a raised surface to easily navigate around the room and a way to reach the climbing furniture above.

The Armarkat Wall Series includes shelves, boxes, and sisal wrapped scratching/climbing posts that all work together to create a unique, customized climbing wall. Some of the pieces are sold in sets, and the long scratcher is sold individually. All are available on Amazon and from the Hauspanther online shop.

Here is the final design with all of the pieces assembled, painted white, and installed. I would recommend sealing the inside seams on the boxes and shelves with painter’s caulk before painting. This will make it easier to clean, especially if there are any accidents. You might need to add some shelf brackets to some of the floating shelves, as they’ve done here, to make them sturdier. They need to support cats jumping on and off, so be sure to mount the screws either into the studs or with heavy duty wall anchors into drywall.

Here’s what Jae and Adrienne have to say about their new cat superhighway:

“There’s no way we could have designed a cat climbing wall like this on our own! Kate made the process seamless and easy for us to install ourselves and it’s STUNNING! But most of all, our cats are happier and healthier because of it!”

-Jae & Adrienne, The Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Overall, I think the Armarkat wall series pieces give you a great start for any Catification project. With some customization you can create a unique, attractive, and functional cat climbing wall in your home.

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