Catio weather will soon be upon us so I wanted to offer some design inspiration to start you thinking about what you might build for your cats this year. Today we are featuring an incredible catio built for some very lucky cats. This is the creation of Yasaar Nakchbendi of Chirpy Cats in Montreal, Canada. Yasaar has built the ultimate paradise for her cats so they can enjoy every minute of nice weather after a long, cold winter.

This extensive catio consists of a completely enclosed system of skywalks, bridges and tunnels connecting outdoor spaces that can be shared by both cats and humans. Lush cat-friendly plants, including lots of fresh catnip and cat grass, line the catio structures, creating cool shade on warm days.

The cats have so many levels and views where they can watch birds and squirrels from a safe distance. They’ve added all kinds of enrichment features like water fountains and scratching posts, some wrapped with sisal rope and others simply with natural tree bark.

Birdview Bridge is the perfect lookout for cats that also creates a lovely arbor, enhancing the garden space surrounding the catio. The wood lattice keeps the cats from being fully visible to passersby, since the bridge extends above the property fence line. 

Numerous tunnels and walkways create the ultimate cat superhighway. Catnip Tunnel seems to be a main thoroughfare with an entrance surrounded by decorative vines and beautiful flowering plants.

Here’s a fantastic video tour of the Chirpy Cats Catio:

According to Yasaar, “the cats are in love with their new cat kingdom up on the bridge. They like that they’re hidden from view behind the lattice and can snoop on strangers passing by or watch the squirrels and birds in the tree nearby undetected. They also enjoy watching a sunrise from the lookout at the one end of the bridge or sleeping in the dappled light in the afternoon. When there is a cat missing at mealtime, it’s almost guaranteed that I will find them on the bridge just staring out. It reminds me of the scene from the Lion King where Mufasa teaches Simba that everything that the light touches is his. I think our cats follow that adage, too!”

Please visit Yasaar’s website for more information about this incredible catio and other cat enrichment tips.

Photos courtesy of Yasaar Nakchbendi, Chirpy Cats. Used with permission.