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Since Boxscoop 2.0 launched last year on Kickstarter, they have sold over 10,000 boxes, which means that the company has received lots of valuable feedback and they’re using it to continually improve the product. They have some exciting new announcements, including a special discounted price.

Boxscoop is an ingenious litter box with a patented scooping system that lets you thoroughly scoop in just seconds. The large metal scoop is stored inside the box until you need it. Simply rotate the scoop and it hugs the curved bottom of the box, easily lifting all clumps and solids. It works well with all kinds of clumping litter including most clay litters, corn, wheat, grass, etc.

The generous size of Boxscoop and new larger 12″ top-entry opening allow cats up to 15 lbs. to easily turn around inside while seeing out in all directions. The newest design also has cutout handles at the bottom for easy lifting. This sleek and modern litter box is available in either white or charcoal matte finish.

The new toss container allows you to easily scoop, bag and dispose of waste. Simply dump the solids into the toss container, grab a bag from the handy bag compartment in the handle, and empty into the bag. Voila!

You can now order the newest version of the Boxscoop litter box for just $75 plus $10 flat rate shipping to US addresses and you’ll get the toss container for FREE through October 15, 2020. If you order two or more Boxscoops you’ll get an additional 10% off.

Visit for more info and to order now.

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