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Many of you asked where you could get some of the items used in our recent Catification makeover of the Sojourner Center Pet Companion Shelter. This project was custom built by the incredible Rescue Rebuild team from Their work rebuilding animal shelters around the world is some of the very best and I will be featuring more projects from them soon. They can build anything from scratch, but if you are not that handy, here are some tips for where to get a few items like those you see here.

We included cat bridges that run across all the windows so cats can hang out and enjoy the view. These are available from Catastrophic Creations in lengths ranging from 35″ to 75″. Choose from English Chestnut or Onyx finish or get one unfinished and paint it yourself.

Cat bridges are available from the Catastrophic Creations Etsy shop.

The hexagon shaped cat climbing shelves are really fun to use because you can configure them in a variety of ways to make a fantastic climbing wall. They are a little tricky to make, so if you don’t have your own woodworking studio, check out the Busy Cat Perch from MyZoo. Made of solid pine, these perches are durable and can be painted or stained to match your decor.

Available from

All of the benches and cubbies were also custom built with litter boxes hidden in the bottom level. You could purchase a bench and cut holes in it to create a litter bench, or purchase a pre-made litter box bench like this one from Modern Pets Living

For the boxes on top of the benches that create cat hideaways, check out the CatsBox from Catswall, available in the US from They have similar fun cutout shapes and openings on the sides for cats to climb in and out, plus they have hinged front doors for easy cleaning. The CatBoxes work in conjunction with the entire Catswall Modular Climbing Wall System. Get $50 off the whole system with code HP$50OFFWALL.

We were lucky to have the folks at PetFusion donate some of their fantastic scratchers to this project, including their Flip Pad, the 3-sided Vertical Scratcher, and their popular Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. All are available from

And finally, if you like the color palette I used and want to recreate it in your own home or rescue, here are the paint colors I chose. Soft Panther is used sparingly as an accent, but I absolutely love it with the spa colors.

And for the carpet tiles used on the climbing surfaces, I chose Innovation Carpet Tiles in Olive. They are inexpensive, easy to cut and they have a self-adhesive backing, so the shelter can easily remove and replace them for deep cleaning or when they become worn out. Available from

I hope this helps you recreate some parts of this design for your own cats! Please leave a comment if there are any other things you have a question about!

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