This big beautiful catio provides kitties from All About Animals Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona with a temporary home while they wait to be adopted. All About Animals Rescue was founded in 2010 by Dawn Kavanaugh, who really knows cats. She and her husband added this catio onto their home for their own cats, plus it allows them to rescue countless cats off the euthanasia list from local animal control agencies. Dawn and her team of volunteers run adoption events every week at local pet supply stores and each week dozens of happy cats go home with loving new owners.

The spacious catio is filled with cat-friendly accommodations from top to bottom. Outdoor furniture, climbing shelves, and scratching towers give all the kitties plenty of room to hang out and enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.

Some volunteers helped Dawn epoxy the floors, which gives them a terrific looking finish and makes them really easy to clean. This is a great option for catio flooring.

Learn more about All About Animals at and check out some of the fabulous cats they currently have available for adoption.

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