We have another brand new addition to the Hauspanther Collection by Primetime Petz and I’m pretty excited about this one! It’s our new Scratch Pole Adjustable Under-table Cat Scratcher, a brilliant little invention that just might change the world for cat scratching.

The Scratch Pole is a streamlined cat scratcher that fits securely under any standard table or counter. The pole extends and is held in place with tension so it doesn’t require a large base to keep it from tipping over. This is a great way to place a cat scratcher in an unused space or to put one in your cat’s favorite place, like under your desk.

The Scratch Pole comes in two styles, the Deluxe featuring a full seagrass rope wrap and the Dual Surface with half seagrass and half felt scratching surfaces. Both have matching seagrass toys that entice kitty to play and scratch.

You can pre-order both versions of the Scratch Pole now from shop.hauspanther.com and they will ship at the end of August. Be the first to get this ingenious new cat scratcher! The Deluxe is $29.99 and the Dual Surface is $24.99.

The Scratch Pole is Patent Pending.