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Exciting news! You may remember the WISKI Cone modern cat scratcher and lounge that launched a Kickstarter campaign last year. It was quite easily one of the most beautiful and functional cat products I had ever seen, so I was disappointed when the Kickstarter didn’t fund. Well, the team over at WISKI took everyone’s feedback seriously and they’ve redesigned the Cone plus they added a new product, both launching today on Kickstarter.

One of the biggest issues they addressed with the Cone was price. The original Cone had a retail price of $300, while the newly redesigned version has a smaller price tag starting at $130, but you can get an even better deal right now on Kickstarter with special pricing starting at $99.

The new version of the Cone is just as elegant as the original but with some great design changes that make it even more functional as well as affordable. Now it has a replaceable scratching surface that is available in two materials: felt for cats who prefer a softer scratching surface and sisal for a more durable, textured surface. The felt scratch pad can be flipped over for double the use.

The enclosed sleeping nook is still raised off the ground, providing the perfect hideaway for kitty, plus it has a thick felt pad for comfort. The pad is easily removed for cleaning, an important feature!

Measuring 30″ tall, the Cone has a weighted base creating a sturdy scratching surface that won’t tip over plus the carry handle on top makes it easy to move the Cone around your home. The original Cone design had a wire frame that had to ship fully assembled while the new design ships flat and assembles easily, another cost savings for shipping.

I think these changes to the design make this an even better product while keeping the original aesthetic and function in tact. Kudos to the folks at WISKI for taking a second shot at the design and making these improvements.

In addition to the newly designed Cone, WISKI is also launching a beautiful new modern cardboard cat scratcher and lounge that’s equally well-thoughout. Introducing the Corr Lounge, a sleek metal frame that holds a sturdy cardboard platform in place for kitty to scratch and lounge on.

The cardboard pieces are held together with a unique elastic strap design that allows you to rearrange the pieces when one area becomes worn. You can also flip the cardboard platform over for extended use and you can replace just the cardboard part once it’s completely worn out. One side of the cardboard has ergonomic bolsters on the sides and the other side offers a larger flat surface.

Read more about the development process behind these two fabulous new cat products and take advantage of some great product launch savings on the WISKI Kickstarter Campaign page.

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