I’m pleased to announce that two of the new Hauspanther Collection designs are now available! The NestEgg Raised Cat Bed and Side Table and the TriPod Cat Lounge are both available from shop.hauspanther.com. We worked closely with the folks at Primetime Petz to make these two products a reality and we hope kitties everywhere love them!

Both the NestEgg and TriPod were designed for kitties who love to sit in sinks (that’s most of them, right?) The clear plastic lounge pod simulates a sink, allowing cats to curl up in comfort. The NestEgg doubles as a side table with sleek hairpin legs for a mid-century modern look. You can also use the pod to grow cat grass or store cat toys.

The TriPod is lower to the ground for kitties who are more “gravitationally challenged,” ahem, I think you know what I mean. And if for some reason your cat isn’t really interested in the lounge pod, it can be used for a variety of other things including a beverage server, a candy dish or a knitting basket (just be sure to keep loose yarn away from cats!)

Both the NestEgg and the TriPod are available in white with black legs or black with silver legs. NestEgg is regularly $119.99 but on sale now for $99.o9 and TriPod is regularly $99.99 on sale for $79.99, both including shipping to addresses in the continental US.

Order now at shop.hauspanther.com