Some of my most favorite things to use when Catifying are the Wave Cat Perches from Urban Pet Haus. These cat shelves are not only beautiful, but the cats absolutely love them. The curved surface is irresistible to cats, who will immediately curl up and settle in for a snooze.


The Wave Perches come with thick chocolate brown felt pads on top that are perfect for cats to land on so they won’t slip off. The pads are removable and replaceable, which means that if you want to customize your Wave perches you can! I recently did just that to the set I have hanging in our dining area and I love the results!


I used FLOR carpet tiles to replace the felt pads. These carpet tiles are another great tool for Catification. They come in a ton of colors and patterns and they’re really easy to cut, all you need is a utility knife, a straightedge, and a surface to cut on. Just measure and mark the back of the tile with a felt tip pen then cut along the line.

I used double sided tape to attach the carpet tiles to the Waves, but I did learn a little tip: sometimes it’s hard to find tape that will stick to the back of the FLOR tiles (the backing is a plastic with a somewhat slick surface) but the FLOR tiles come with FLORdots, big sticky squares that are made to stick to the back of the tiles. Try sticking a FLORdot to the back of the tile and then attaching the double sided tape to the back of the dot and to the shelf. Works like a charm!