Lucky Brazilian kitties now have two new options for lounging and scratching! Casa Gato is a new company making these lovely handcrafted cat hideaways and scratchers. Both have distinctive design features and it looks like cats would love them.



The Temaki Cat Scratcher/Bed takes it inspiration from a temaki sushi roll. What a perfect shape for kitty to curl up in, and the low pile carpet is sure to be a hit with cats, perfect for scratching and lounging. The sleek shape has a very modern look.



The Cabana is a brilliant design, using three cut pieces of MDF covered in carpet on both sides, that slide together to create a little A-frame structure. Kitty can hangout inside or scratch on the outside.


Casa Gato is only shipping to Brazil at the moment, but they are working on international distribution. Their website,, is currently only in Portuguese, but they hope to have an English translation soon. I will be sure to keep you posted!