Paris has been Catified with a brand new “hotel for urban cats”. Aristide is a cat boarding facility that’s unlike any I’ve ever seen. Sleek and modern, it’s filled with just about everything we’ve ever written about here on Hauspanther, from the CatWheel to the Catissa floating cat tree. These elegant accommodations would make any kitty look forward to a little getaway.


The owners really outdid themselves with the Catification of this facility. They definitely designed the space to accommodate the cats’ needs. First and foremost, they have incredible climbing and perching options, something that’s so important for making cats comfortable in their environment. This would be especially true in an unfamiliar space, where the cats will want to survey their territory.


It looks like they’ve created perches at every height from just off the floor to way up toward the ceiling. Everything appears well connected by a cat superhighway that has plenty of on- and off- ramps and multiple traffic lanes. Lots of great lookout points, too!


Next, they added lots of different scratching surfaces to allow the cats to mark their territory. Big sisal wrapped poles give kitties something they can really dig into.


They also have plenty of soft, comfy beds, another important thing for territorial marking. Deep bucket beds and wider open beds, like the recycled suitcase cat bed, give guests lots of different options for lounging.


And finally playtime is well taken care of with a wide variety of toys and treats, including delicious cat grass placed strategically throughout the space.


Interactive toys and puzzle games also keep the visiting felines occupied during their stay, although these kitties look like they’re over it already. Next toy please.


There’s no doubt that any cat staying at Aristide will be excessively pampered. If you read French, you can find out more about Aristide at or like them on Facebook and be sure to follow them on Instagram (and while you’re there, make sure you’re following Hauspanther on Instagram, too!)