Here’s a unique cat product that looks more like a piece of modern art — or perhaps something that you might see on display in the Apple Store. It’s the CatWheel from Catswall Design, the same team who created the Curvynest cat tree. Clearly, this Taiwan-based cat product design company has an eye for beautiful, modern form, as well as function.


The CatWheel provides indoor cats with an intense workout, without creating an eyesore in your living room. The design is really quite brilliant: a large circular piece lined with a colorful textured surface, sits on top of a streamlined base. The circular piece spins quite easily as kitty steps forward. Laser pointers and wand toys are perfect for coaxing questioning kitties to use the wheel for the first time, but once they get going, they’re off and running!


These are perfect for active breeds, like Bengals or Savannahs. Cats can run and run for miles! And not to mention the entertainment value it has for cat guardians! Now, this is a serious investment with a price tag close to $1000, but if you have the budget and the room, this is an amazing thing to provide for your indoor cats. If you want to see how much fun the CatWheel is, check out this video:

The CatWheel is now available in the US through, along with several other products from Catswall Design. The CatWheel comes in Lime Green or Zesty Orange and is currently selling for $949, which includes shipping to addresses in the continental US. (If you want to swing by St. George, Utah to pick one up, you can save $300!) Beware of knockoffs! Make sure it’s a CatWheel by Catswall to get the quality you’re looking for.

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