Litter One Pine Pellet Disposable Cat Litter Kit

Introducing a new invention in the world of cat litter! This is the disposable cat litter kit from Litter One. I saw this at the Global Pet Expo in February and it was one of those products that stopped me in my tracks.

You may remember, I’m currently using pine pellet cat litter with the 2-part Feline Pine Litter Box. A 2-part box, where the sawdust falls into the bottom compartment leaving the fresh pellets on top, is the ONLY way to use pine pellet cat litter. Otherwise, the sawdust is tracked everywhere and you wind-up throwing out too many good pellets.

Litter One Pine Pellet Disposable Cat Litter Kit

The Litter One kit is similar, in that it is a 2-part box with holes that allow the sawdust do fall into the bottom compartment. The Feline Pine litter box is made of plastic, which can be washed and refilled, but sometimes it is not possible to thoroughly clean the box, say if you are traveling with your cat, or if you live in a place that doesn’t have a large sink or an outdoor hose, or if you are physically unable to do that kind of cleaning (elderly cat owners may have this challenge.) Enter Litter One! The kit comes with everything you need to set-up a fresh litter box, including the pine pellets, small waste bags for scooping solids, and a litter scoop. And everything is 100% recyclable and biodegradable!

At first I thought, wow, that’s a lot of cardboard to throw out regularly, but then I thought about the situations where this could be useful. Of course, if you are able to clean the plastic 2-part pine pellet litter box, that might be a better option, but this is a good alternative.

They sent me some kits to test and I was really impressed with the quality and the design. The Litter One is a snap to set up, it is a spacious litter box (slightly larger than the 2-part plastic boxes), I love the design of the scoop and the little bag holder that both clip on the side, and the nice high sides help keep the pellets in the box. The lower compartment is designed to hold all the sawdust created by normal use until the pellets are used up, then you can recycle everything. You could easily have one or two kits shipped directly to your home each month and never have to scrub a litter box again.

I was intrigued when I saw this and I do truly like the design. You can visit to read more about the kit or to order one to try. Please leave a comment on this post and let us know what you think about the concept.