Magnetic Wand Toys Allow Cats to "Catch" Prey

It’s extremely important for cats to “catch” a toy at the end of a play session in order to...

Luxury Velvet Cat Bed

The Pearl Velvet Cat Bed from Noots Pets adds a touch of minimal elegance to any home while cradling...

Rifiuti Mid-century Modern Inspired Cat Litter Box Enclosure

This elegant cabinet from Tuft + Paw discretely hides a standard cat litter box, giving kitty some privacy and...

Dress Up Your Bicycle with a Brass Cat Bike Bell

Bicycle weather is here so it’s time to dust off that cruiser and take a spin! This adorable Brass...

Three Modern Cat Trees

Looking for a simple modern cat tree? These three options have a unique streamlined look with multiple levels for...
Magnetic Wand Toys Allow Cats to "Catch" Prey
Luxury Velvet Cat Bed
Rifiuti Mid-century Modern Inspired Cat Litter Box Enclosure
Feline-inspired Home Decor
Dress Up Your Bicycle with a Brass Cat Bike Bell
Three Modern Cat Trees

Cat Cafe Spotlight

Cat cafes are a growing trend around the world. They are helping thousands of cats find loving forever homes and they serve as the ultimate examples of Catification.
Learn more about these magical spaces and find one near you!
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Hauspanther Scratch Pole v 2.0

We’re excited to announce our new Scratch Pole 2.0! This version has dual scratching surfaces–natural sisal rope on top and soft felt on the bottom–and a new plush hanging toy in our signature dots fabric, all with a neutral color…

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Ceramic Cat Dining Set

This ceramic dining set includes a tilted raised food dish, a raised water bowl and a double tray to keep everything neat and tidy. The raised dishes help relieve neck fatigue and aid with digestion and both have rubberized bottoms…

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