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I’m excited to share this special collaboration I did with MYZOO to create a vertical cat climbing wall. I selected a few of my favorite MYZOO pieces to maximize the vertical space in my office and I’m thrilled with the results, and so are the cats!

The wall measures just 35″ across so I had to plan carefully. Two of my cats spend most of their time in the office and I wanted to provide them with some nice hideaway spaces, so the Busycat hexagon climbers worked perfectly. Three white Busycats with cover plates, plus two Round Lack step shelves lead up to a vertically mounted Cylinder sisal scratcher and a white Spaceship Gamma as the top lookout. I added some grey peel-and-stick carpet tiles on top of the Busycats and some soft blankets inside to make them even more enticing. I love the combination of white and natural wood.

MYZOO put together a special bundle if you want to build the same climbing wall. You can order the complete set that I used here at at a discounted price. All of MYZOO’s pieces are very well-made and feature beautiful modern designs that are perfect for any Catification project.

MYZOO modern cat furniture is available on Amazon, from the MYZOO website, and also from You’ll be hearing a lot more about all the MYZOO pieces because I’m a big fan!

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