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An often overlooked type of enrichment for cats is scent enrichment. Cats have an acute sense of smell and introducing novel scents into their environment can provide stimulation, engagement and fun. Our friends over at Dezi & Roo offer a teriffic line of candy-inspired scent enrichment toys for cats that are cute and colorful, plus they pack a punch in the enrichment department!

Choose from these four fun toys to treat your cat:

  • Pop ‘n Purr Lollipop – These colorful plastic “lollipops” come pre-filled with Dezi & Roo’s top quality silvervine powder, which cats find absolutely irresistible. Tiny holes allow the silvervine scent to waft out as you play with your cat. Easy to refill when the lolly needs refreshing.
  • Roo’s Rock Candy – Inspired by the classic shape of rock candy, these fun toys are perfect for kitty to kick and toss around. Dip the fluffy, colorful material into the penny bag of silvervine powder that comes with it to infuse the scent.
  • Silly Stix – Remember those paper straws filled with colored sugar from when you were a kid? Silly Stix are just like that but for cats! Filled with silvervine powder, these paper straws are perfect for batting around and biting, and when they break open the part really gets going! Sold in a set of four straws.
  • Pop ‘n Purr Candy Balls – Rainbow-colored plastic balls come filled with silvervine powder that spills out a little at a time when kitty plays. Refillable for never-ending fun.

Get a Pop ‘n Purr 2-pack with one lollipop and one candy ball! Visit the Dezi & Roo Etsy Shop and grab some goodies for your cat today!

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