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Tired of your cat sitting on your keyboard? Here’s the perfect solution! Introducing Desk Nest, a totally new kind of cat bed that gives kitty a spot of her own not far from where you’re working.

Desk Nest clamps on to the edge of your desk creating a cozy raised bed for your cat without cluttering your workspace. You can adjust the height and rotate the bed, positioning the cutaway opening perfectly for your cat to climb in and out. The round bed has high sides for added security and is finished with a beautiful wood veneer. A thick cushion inside makes the bed extra comfy.

Here’s your chance to save up to 41% off Desk Nest! It’s launching on Kickstarter with special VIP deals today only. If all goes according to plan, the first Desk Nests will ship by this fall. Don’t miss out! Visit Desk Nest on Kickstarter to see all the perks for backing this awesome project.

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