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The Dock Bowl and Stand from Tuft + Paw offers an elegant raised dining option for cats. Together, the bowl and stand provide cats with a raised feeding or drinking dish, which is recommended to aid digestion and help prevent neck pain.

The ceramic Dock Bowl sits perfectly on top of the metal Stand with a satin white powder coated finish. The wide base has a large silicone non-slip pad attached to the bottom that prevents slipping and whisker-shaped cutouts on top of the Stand allow for drainage.

The dishwasher-safe Dock Bowl is available in white, grey, peachy-pink, and mint green, all of which look beautiful on the white stand. We had a chance to test the Dock Bowl and Stand and it really is outstanding quality. The finishes are superb and the overall design is perfect, as I always expect from Tuft + Paw!

Visit to order the Dock Bowl and Stand for your cat.

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