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There have been some really interesting advances in pet drinking fountain technology and the new EverSweet 3 Pro with UVC from Petkit is a great example. This fountain has a wireless pump with a UVC light for added sterilization. The wireless feature makes it much easier to refill and clean the fountain. The water basin sits on top of a charging base that activates the pump inside. Simply lift the basin off the charger to deactivate the pump and move the basin. No clumsy wires to deal with when you want to take the fountain to the sink! This is game changing when it comes to pet fountain maintenance.

The EverSweet 3 Pro has a stainless steel liner to help reduce bacteria build-up, preventing feline acne. The triple action filter has a high-density cotton layer to catch hair and dust, coconut shell activated charcoal to remove odor keep water tasting fresh, and ion exchange resin to remove heavy metals from the water.

This fountain is absolutely silent, one of the quietest I’ve every used. One thing that I absolutely love is that they include a small brush for cleaning the filter that has a pair of rubber tipped tweezers on the end for removing the impeller when cleaning the fountain. How many times have you fought to get the impeller out? This simple little tool make is so much easier!

The Ever Sweet 3 Pro also has an app that lets you check the water level and allows you to switch from normal mode, with the pump operating continuously, to smart mode where the pump turns on and off in intervals that you can set in the app.

Petkit offers several different models of pet drinking fountains with wireless pumps. Check them all out at

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