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I know, I know, it’s a little late, but I’m totally a last minute shopper, so here are some gift ideas for kitties who might need an upgraded dining situation for 2024!

Catenary is a new brand offering some beautiful modern products for cats including their Halo Cat Bowl Collection. These elegant ceramic bowls come in two sizes, a 2″ tall bowl and a 3″ tall elevated bowl, plus you can stack them together to create and even taller elevated bowl. Available from

Another newcomer this year is Helpen Pets, offering pet feeders and accessories in a variety of styles. Their elevated feeders, silicone feeding mats, and organic cotton feeding mats come in a range of romantic, subdued colors. Available from with everything currently 20% off for the holidays.

Our friends at Tuft+Paw released the new Dock Bowl and Stand this year, a sleek combo of their ceramic Dock Bowl now available with a metal stand to create the perfect raised feeding dish for your cat. Available in four colors from

The Maple Slow Feeder Bowl from Noots Pets is a great option for speedy eaters. This whisker-friendly porcelain bowl has a raised waffle pattern to slow down kitty’s eating and prevent digestive issues. Available in Storm Blue and Cloud Grey from

Another great slow feeder option is the Tiger Diner from Pioneer Pet. This feeder makes kitty work for her dinner by poking her paws into the holes in the side to retrieve a snack. Easy to clean white ceramic. Available from Amazon.

If you’re looking for a more high-tech approach to keeping kitty fed and hydrated, then check out the drinking fountains and pet feeders over at Petkit. They have several models to choose from, some with cameras and remote control via their app. Available from

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