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Why not treat your cat to a new scratcher this holiday! Here are some of our favorites from companies we love!

Always a classic, the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post from Pioneer Pet is sure to please every cat! Tall and sturdy, cats love the woven sisal. P.L.A.Y.’s Leeloo cat scratcher is at the top of every kitty’s to-buy list. This reversible scratcher adds much needed pizzazz to your space, while offering your kitty an alluring place to scratch and lounge.

Clockwise fro top left:

  • Hide & Scratch is a box and a scratcher in one giving kitty a place to hide, a place to scratch, and a place to curl up and stay cozy during the holidays and beyond.
  • The Gemini Tall Square Scratching Post from Prevue Pet provides cats with a sturdy vertical scratching surface that they will love. At 32″ tall your cat gets a full vertical stretch and healthy exercise while keeping nails groomed and paws strong.
  • Eco-friendly Non Toxic Incline Cardboard Cat Scratcher from Way Basics is perfect for cats who like to scratch at an angle. The corrugated cardboard scratching surface is housed in a sleek looking frame made from eco-friendly Z-board, a toxin-free recyclable paperboard that’s both lightweight and sturdy. Simple assembly using peel and stick strips, no tools required.
  • Versatile and elegant, the Bailey Cat Scratcher from Designer Pet Products looks like a gorgeous piece of furniture in your home, while giving your cats a place to scratch and rest. 

This multi-functional piece from The Refined Feline combines attractive features for both you and your cat. The A-Frame serves as a beautiful side table with a comfortable bed below and a durable scratching surface on the outside. Available from

Treat your cat to this scrumptious new cat scratcher from Square Paws! The Endless Buffet Cat Scratch Pad is unlike other scratchers. It’s a full 15.5″ in diameter and 4″ tall, creating the perfect raised scratching surface for kitty. It’s made in the USA from extra durable cardboard that will withstand lots of scratching. Choose from Turkey Lurkey, Tuna Platter or Salmon Feast. Available from Amazon.

Sturdiness and versatility in a minimal design, position the Tab Scratching Board from Tuft+Paw however you please. You can place it horizontally, rest it at an incline, or mount it vertically with the Tab Wall Mount.

Check out all the awesome sisal cat scratchers from Catastrophic Creations! These wall mounted scratchers can be used alone or incorporated into your Catastrophic Creations superhighway.

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