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I’m a huge fan of wall-mounted cat scratchers for several reasons. First, they do not take up any floor space. There’s nothing to trip over or move when you are cleaning. This is a great solution for small spaces. Second, when properly installed, wall-mounted scratchers are very sturdy. No tipping over, as can happen with some freestanding scratchers. And finally, you can hang a wall-mounted scratcher at any height making it easy to accommodate your cat’s preferences. Some cats like to scratch down low while others prefer to stretch up tall when scratching.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite wall-mounted cat scratchers that are all beautiful as well as functional.

Above: Pannello Scratch Panel from MiaCara. Hang this gorgeous minimalist scratcher horizontally or vertically for an elegant scratching solution.

Clockwise from top left:

These two wall-mounted scratchers are both from 7 Ruby Road. Left: an elegant and minimal oval scratcher creates an attractive scratching surface. Right: this 29.5″ wall-mounted scratcher has a generous curved surface that is easily replaceable when worn.

And of course, our favorite, Catastrophic Creations, offering wall-mounted cats scratchers in multiple configurations including their new angled cat scratcher. Available in three finishes and lengths from 1-tier to 4-tier.

NEKO Scratcher from If Cats Can Fly is a uniquely designed wall-mounted scratcher in the shape of an abstract cat. And here we have another beautiful minimalist scratcher from BUDA Pets Space, available with cotton, jute, or sisal rope and several decor-friendly finishes.

Finally we have another favorite, the 30″ wall-mounted sisal scratcher from Armarkat. Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for scratching and climbing.

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