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These kitty-themed products from Red Rocket add a touch of whimsy to your litter box area. The Kitty Twist’r Litter Disposal System, the Kitty Twist’r Litter Box, and the Kitty Cave Hideaway Bed all have hints of modern feline flair.

The Kitty Twist’r Litter Disposal System comes in two sizes, the original grey Kitty Twist’r and the larger white Multi Kitty Twist’r for multiple cat households. They both use a patented twist technology to seal waste inside the bag between scooping. Once the bag is full, simply lift it out of the bin for disposal. The multi-layer bag and an activated charcoal filter inside the lid minimize odors. Cute cat ears on top and paws and the base along with the mouse and fish shaped scoops add sweet little details.

Kitty Twist’r refill bags and charcoal filters are both available.

Coordinate your Kitty Twist’r with the Kitty Twist’r Litter Box. This stylized litter box features a raised rim to help keep messes inside the box, plus the built-in broom and dust pan create a cat tail at the back of the box.

And finally the Kitty Cave Bed gives cats an enclosed place to nap that matches the other items in the Kitty Twist’r line. The Kitty Cat also has cat ears and paws and comes with a soft cushion inside. The sturdy plastic structure is easy to wipe clean.

Kitty Twist’r and other Red Rocket products are available on Amazon and from

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