SOLD OUT! With your support we were able to send just over $700 to Kitten Associates to help with their efforts in Ukraine! Thank you!

Our friends at Kitten Associates, a non-profit cat rescue in Sandy Hook, CT, are spearheading fundraising efforts to provide grants to help animals in Ukraine. We made some special limited edition We Stand With Ukraine ModKickers with all profits being donated to Kitten Associates and used to support these efforts.

One of the rescues receiving support is Shelter Shans. This organization is run by a mother-and-daughter team, Angelina and Diana, with two locations in Kherson. 

Kherson has been surrounded by Russian forces for weeks. Getting food and supplies has become a dire situation. They cannot leave the area, nor would they, even if it was possible. These women, and a small team of volunteers, do the best they can to provide for over 800 animals (about 700 dogs and 100 cats). Kitten Associates has already been providing financial grants, but they need to continue to do so due to the number of animals in Shelter Shans care.

Their second focus is on a good samaritan named Oksana. She is located in Mykoliav, another area in southern Ukraine that faces the same difficulties as in Kherson. Oksana has taken it upon herself to help any dog or cat who comes her way. Most were abandoned by their owners as they fled the area to safety, but Oksana will not leave. Currently, Oksana is caring for about 100 animals, the majority of them are cats. She does not have a car and is depending on help from her neighbors to get supplies for the animals as she can.

Kitten Associates will also continue to provide financial support to assist other rescues or shelters in Ukraine, whose focus may be on other types of animals. All animals in Ukraine need support. Last week they provided funding to Save a Fox towards the transport of foxes to Hungary and Poland.

Ultimately, Kitten Associates hopes to move a small number of cats to Poland, and then on to their home foster network in the United States. It’s a big undertaking, filled with challenges, but as their President & Founder, Robin A.F. Olson says, “It’s worth suspending our current cat-intake to make room for Ukrainian cats, who have suffered so much. This is war. We cannot look away, or make an excuse not to help. We have to lean in and make an effort. If nothing else, we know our funding is making a difference. Slava Ukraini!” (Glory to Ukraine).

In addition to purchasing our limited edition Modkickers, Kitten Associates welcomes donations via PayPal, Venmo (@KittenAssociates) or check made out to: Kitten Associates, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470-0354 with a note: “For Ukraine”. Your donation directly to Kitten Associations is tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support as we try to help the animals in Ukraine who should not suffer from this senseless violence. We Stand With Ukraine limited edition ModKickers available at