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Meet your new best friend, just in time for the holidays! The Uoni V980 Plus Robot Vacuum is from a new generation of smart home cleaning technology. It solves a big problem that has always kept me from truly relying on robot vacuums in the past. With 13 cats, our house gets messy fast, so the small compartment on most smart vacuums fills up quickly. When the Uoni V980 Plus is full, it automatically empties itself into the bin and continues cleaning! What? This is absolutely brilliant!

The docking station where the vacuum goes to recharge includes a large dust bin with a replaceable dust bag, like a small vacuum cleaner bag. Simply change the bag when the unit alerts you that it’s full. The Uoni V980 Plus has tons of other features including a HEPA filter, smart sensors that create a map of your home for efficient cleaning, and an app that lets you program zones so you can tell the vacuum to only clean certain areas. You can even add a mopping module with a small water tank and a microfiber cloth, turning it into an automatic mini mop for hard floors!

The vacuum has three settings, strong, standard and quiet, and the cats weren’t even too afraid of it as it went around the house cleaning. When the vacuum goes back to the dock to empty the dust bin it makes a much louder sound, like a regular vacuum cleaner, which the cats didn’t love, but it only takes a few seconds to empty. Overall, this is an incredible addition to our arsenal of household cleaning technology!

The Uoni V980 Plus Robot Vacuum is available on Amazon.

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