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Imagine your cat dashing out the door and getting lost. This is every cat owner’s worst nightmare. Until now, there have been two options. One option is to post flyers in the neighborhood or post in online message boards with photos of your cat and your personal contact info. This requires someone to find your cat, see the information, and then contact you, plus your contact info is out there, accessible to anyone, including people who may abuse it.

The second option is to rely on your cat’s microchip, which can be quite a bit trickier and equally insecure. When someone finds your cat, they must take them to a vet’s office or pet rescue to be scanned. Once scanned, the microchip will provide either your contact info or the info for the microchip manufacturer, in which case there is another step to get to you, but both again reveal your personal information as part of the process.

This dilemma is what lead Pamela Fusco to create ZuluTails. Pamela is a cybersecurity expert and former Navy cryptologist who was a member of the United States Presidential Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection. When one of Pamela’s rescue dogs went missing she became acutely aware of the security issues regarding lost pets. She saw the need to create a system that keeps pet owner’s personal information secure while taking advantage of the most efficient technologies for reuniting lost pets with their owners.

ZuluTails is a new approach to lost pet identification. When you join ZuluTails, your pet will receive an ID tag to wear on their collar with a Universal Pet Identifier (UPI) and a QR code. If someone finds your cat, they simply scan the QR code with their phone, or enter the UPI at They will be directed to a page with information about your pet and asked to submit their contact info. Once submitted, you will immediately receive a text message and an email with the info so you can contact them directly. No delays, no third parties, and your information stays private.

Here’s an example of the page on where someone can report a found pet:

ZuluTails is a great example of a company that is thinking outside the box, connecting technology with real-world needs of pets and pet owners. Please visit for more information about how you can protect your cat using this innovative new approach.

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