Here’s a really cool hideaway for your cat that also helps other cats! The CATSA Lander Mark1 is a super-special feline escape pod that’s like no other in the universe. CATSA is a woman-owned small business that creates limited edition, space-themed design objects for cats and cat lovers. The proceeds from the sale of these items goes to fund community cat rescue projects, mobile vet clinics, and cat advocacy initiatives. They also build hundreds of shelters each year to keep outdoor cats warm in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

The Lander Mark1 is the first installment in the CATSA Limited Object Project. They are only making 99 of them, each with its own serial number. Designed in partnership with the team at Pittsburgh-based design firm Iontank, the Lander Mark1 is a distinctive and totally unique hideaway for your cat. A precision-milled composite aluminum shell, high impact 3D printed ABS plastic door frame, laser-etched mission badge, HDPE components, rubber feet, and a silver and black damask woven CATSA flag on a spring steel antenna give the lander a space-age, high-tech look. Kitty will appreciate the soft cushion and spacious interior.

If you’re not in the market for a Lander Mark1, then check out all the other cool merch in the CATSAmart, including cat toys, hoodies, t-shirts, patches, stickers and lots of other fun items, all benefitting the great work they are doing to help cats! Learn more about the incredible CATSA mission at

Horacio checking to see if his CATSA Lander Mark1 is ready for the mission.

Love all the little details like the embroidered flag and laser-etched badge.

We got lots of other goodies, too, including CATSANIP!

*FTC Disclosure: We received a complimentary sample of this product for review.