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In another installment of strange pairings, today we have — Cats & Cacti! Here’s a fun roundup of prickly pretties for our furry friends!

Cactus cat toys! So many cacti cuties for kitties to sink their claws into!

Above (clockwise from top left):

  • Handmade Cactus Cat Toys with catnip from Cats City Co
  • Felt Cactus Catnip Toys from 4 PM Creations
  • Embroidered Felt Cactus Cat Toys from mechellerie
  • Roly-poly Green Sisal Cactus Cat Scratcher Ball available on Amazon

Cactus Cat Treat Dispenser with hidden catnip compartment available on Amazon; OurPets Catnip Cactus Toy, also available on Amazon.

Pet Craft Supply Natural Rubber Cactus Cat Chew Toy, includes catnip and silvervine packet for placing inside to entice kitty to play. Available from Amazon.

Vinyl “Catctus” stickers from Faliope & Co and Art by CMB7, both on Etsy.

Plush cactus kitty hideaway, available from Kashima Pet on Etsy, and also on Amazon.

  • American Cat Club Cactus Cat House & Scratcher, available on Amazon
  • Hollypet Self-warming Cat Cave with Cactus design, available on Amazon
  • Luckily Cat Tunnel with Cactus pattern, available on Amazon

Art prints featuring retro kitties with cacti from Dexter’s Cat.

Funny Cactus/Cat Cuss Greeting Card, available on Amazon.

Let kitty get prickly with her own cactus cat scratcher! Green Sisal Barrel Cactus Cat Scratching Sphere with wooden base and track ball toy, available on Etsy; Sisal Cactus Cat Scratch Pad, available on Amazon.

Cactus shaped ceramic elevated pet food dish, available on Etsy.

Adorable cat planters, perfect for cacti! Sleepy cat planters from Ivankahl 3D; Cat-shaped succulent pots, available on Amazon.

And for the enamel pin collectors out there:

And of course, cactus cat climbers galore! You can have a whole garden of them!

  • Cactus scratching post and raised bed combo, available on Amazon
  • Triple cactus cat scratching post, available in two sizes on Amazon
  • Single cactus cat scratching post, also available in two sizes on Amazon

Bright green sahuaro cactus scratching post with cactus blossoms, available in 31″ or 41″ tall on Amazon.

  • Cactus scratcher with flowers and hanging toy, available on Amazon
  • Dark green cactus scratcher and climber, available on Amazon
  • Cactus scratching post with hideaway and perch, available on Amazon

And of course, kitty can dress to match the theme with adorable cacti collars and accessories. Above, “Prickly Pearadise” cat collar from Made by Cleo.

  • Breakaway cactus cat collar from Pinky’s Pet Gear
  • Cactus cat collar and bow tie sets with charms, available on Amazon
  • “Cute But Prickly” cactus cat collar with charm from Pugs 2 Persians
  • CSS Pet dark cacti cat collar and bowtie, available on Amazon

And just a few of the many cat & cactus themed t-shirt:

  • “Catcus” T from Tee Shirt Co, available on Amazon
  • “Catcus” in a pink pot T from The Cat Store, available on Amazon
  • Crazy Cat & Plant Lady with Cacti from The Plant Mom Co, available on Amazon

. . .

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