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Cats and pickles — an odd combination? Perhaps, but I’m a fan of both! Here are some creative combinations of this unusual pairing.

First, we have cats as pickles, or Pickle Cats! In the form of a cute Pickle Cat sticker (above) from Best Cat Studio, and as Pickle Cat plushies or enamel pins (below) from Fierce Fantasy Designs.

Next we have cats wearing pickles with adorable collars, bowties and bandanas from Whiskers Crafts, Pugs to Persians, Black Cat Stitches, The Tailored Tuxie, and Made by Cleo.

And of course, pickles to play with! Starting with these plush, catnip stuffed handmade pickle cat toys from K Grant Designs.

More pickle fun with “I’m kind of a big dill” catnip pickle toy from Petstages, silvervine and catnip pickle kicker toy from Sushi Cat Style, and the Wiggle Pickle from Pet Craft Supply.

The Wiggle Pickle has a built-in motion sensor that activates when your cat touches the toy, causing it to flip and flop around. Kitty will go for the catnip and silvervine packet that’s hidden inside and then the unpredictable movement will keep her engaged. Available on Amazon.

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