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June is National Microchipping Month, time to talk about this simple but important technology that can help keep your cat safe and make your life a little easier.

Microchipping Is Easy!

First, are all of your pets microchipped? If not, make an appointment with your veterinarian to get it done. It’s a quick, easy and low cost procedure that can be done at your veterinarian’s office. If your cat already has a microchip, take this time to have it checked. Microchips should be checked annually to make sure they are still functional and easily found. Just ask your vet to scan your cat to check the chip. And finally, make sure your contact information is up to date. Keep in mind that updating your contact info with your vet’s office will not automatically update the info associated with your cat’s microchip. You will need ensure that your pet’s microchip is registered with a recognized microchip database like HomeAgain® and update any new information with the database. If you don’t remember your cat’s microchip number or where it’s registered, ask your vet to scan your cat and they can give you the chip number and the associated microchip database’s contact information.

Why Microchipping Is Important

Even if your cat is indoor-only, it’s a good idea to have them microchipped in case they slip out accidentally or if they are lost during an emergency or disaster situation. Collars with tags can get lost, but a microchip will always identify your cat and link them to you. Other data can also be associated with your cat’s microchip, such as important medical information, like if your cat requires insulin or other medications. When a cat is found and scanned, the rescue organization can access this information and give your cat the care they need while waiting to reunite them with you.

Other Uses for Microchip Technology

Your cat’s microchip can actually come in handy when kitty is safe at home. Some products can be programmed to recognize a specific microchip, allowing you to monitor and manage certain functions. Sure Petcare is a leader in microchip-operated intelligent pet products. They currently have a variety of pet doors and feeders that can be programmed to give certain animals access. Just think about the many useful applications of this technology that could make your life easier.

Sure Petcare’s SureFlap® line of smart pet doors, including their Microchip Pet Door (for both cats and small dogs), Microchip Cat Door, and DualScan Cat Door all use microchip technology to allow access for specific pets. You program the door to open only for certain pets, keeping others inside. In particular, the DualScan Cat Door and Cat Door Connect can be programmed to open only for specific cats’ microchips while other cats won’t have access. This could come in handy if you have a cat door for one of your cats to use freely, but you don’t want your other cats to have access.

The Microchip Cat Door Connect and Microchip Pet Door Connect take the technology one step further. These pet doors link to a wi-fi hub that connects a mobile app to monitor all activity. Let’s say you install a Cat Door Connect leading out to your catio. The app will track when your cat enters and exits the catio. If you have multiple cats, you can program each microchip so the app will track which cats are passing through the door and when.

All Sure Petcare pet doors can be installed in doors, walls, or through glass with a special adaptor. You could even install one in an interior door to manage which pets access a specific room, for instance, a litter room where dogs are not allowed. The possibilities are endless!

To determine the best SureFlap® pet door for your household, check out their handy comparison chart for all capabilities.

The same microchip-activated technology can be applied to feeders. The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder can be programmed to allow access only for specific pets. This can be helpful if you have certain cats on specific diets or if you need to keep the dog out of kitty’s food dish. The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect also tracks when and how much each cat eats via the Sure Petcare App, so you can monitor your cat’s eating habits.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to microchip your cat, so please take time this month to make sure everyone is properly chipped and that all your info is up to date! We’ll have more surprises from Sure Petcare coming up, so please check them out at This is a brand that we have known and trusted for many years. They make top-quality products that are designed to provide helpful solutions for keeping pets healthy and safe.

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