Incredible cat climbing wall

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Build the ultimate cat superhighway with an assortment of climbing products from one of our favorite companies, Catastrophic Creations! They’ve been building amazing cat furniture for years now and it just keeps getting better and better. Their collection includes hammocks, climbing posts, scratching poles, bridges, cubbies, and shelves with integrated feeding dishes and plant holders. You can mix-and-match everything to create the perfect layout for you and your cat.

They also have fantastic resources on lots of topics including feline enrichment and how to design a cat wall. Visit to see everything they have to offer!

Cute cat on a cat shelf

Variety of unique cat shelves

Cat scratching and climbing pole

Cat bridge connecting cat climbing shelves

Cats on climbing shelves with sisal post

Calico cat with plants on a cat hammock shelf

Cat shelf with plant holder

Cat sleeping on a wooden cat bridge

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