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Corners are irresistible to cats. Most cats can’t walk past the corner of a sofa or a wall without scratching or rubbing on it. They are just leaving their mark, either with their scent or with their claws, to say “this is mine!” but you’re left to deal with the aftermath.

Well, here’s a solution! These handmade sisal rope scratchers from The Nerdy Cat Home are designed to protect corners while giving kitty a place to leave her mark. A couch corner scratching post rests under the leg of your sofa, holding it in place and creating a sturdy protective scratching surface. Choose 12″, 18″ or 24″ in a variety of finishes. If you just get one scratcher, you’ll need to order a leveling block for the opposite side.

And for cats that like to scratch on the wall, a wall corner scratcher easily attaches to any outside corner, available in 12″, 24″, 18″ and 36″, or you can stack multiple wall corner scratchers above each other as shown below.

These protective corner cat scratchers are available from The Nerdy Cat Home Easy shop.

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