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 Quite often, beauty is found in simplicity. I was recently introduced to KittyWhip wand cat toys, which are one of the finest examples of this adage. These toys are handcrafted in the US using 100% sustainable materials that are both durable and adored by cats. The combination of natural materials and fine craftsmanship creates a product that is simultaneously rustic and elegant.

All KittyWhip toys have a hardwood hickory handle and a metal spring strain relief protecting the cord from damage where it connects to the handle. The handle has a smooth finish that feels balanced and sturdy in your hand. Simple cord and rope attachments create a unique style of play that cats go wild for.

There are four different KittyWhip toys to choose from:

  • Kitty Whip Cotton This version is made with a unique tightly woven cotton cord that slips through cat claws without getting caught. The end is dipped in beeswax to prevent fraying. 60″ overall length.
  • KittyWhip Jr. Also made with woven cotton cord, the KittyWhip Jr. has a short handle with an overall length of 29″, perfect for close play or playing with kittens.
  • KittyWhip Leather If you’re okay with non-vegan materials, this version is made with a thin leather cord and a 60″ overall length.
  • KittyWhip+ For bigger kitties, the KittyWhip+ has a heftier handle and a thick natural sisal cord with an overall length of 62″. The end of the cord is dipped in beeswax to prevent fraying.

I guarantee you and your cat will be thrilled with the quality of these toys. They are constructed to really last, providing endless hours of entertainment. Available from the KittyWhip Etsy shop.

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