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Cats and sushi just seem to go together in so many ways. Of course, cats eating sushi, but also cats playing with sushi, cats making sushi, cats wearing sushi, cats stealing sushi, and cats as sushi (I find this one a bit strange). It’s just a fun and playful combo so we found some of our favorite ways to celebrate this pairing.

Handmade Felt & Catnip Sushi Cat Toys from Bubblegum Paws Cat Toys, available in all your favorite sushi varieties!

Spicy Tuna Roll Cat Toy with Organic Catnip form Polydactyl Cats. Comes in a takeout container with a soy sauce packet toy. No MSG!

Three colorful fleece & catnip sushi cat toys from Whimsily Every After.

Interactive Sushi Puzzle Game for Cats from OurPets. Hide kitty’s favorite treat (see below for a suggestion!) inside the compartments and watch as she uses her paws to slide the sushi covers and claim her prize. Available on Amazon and

Let your cat snuggle up in the coziest cat bed ever, the original Sushi Smoosh Cat Bed from Sushi Cat Style.

Kitty will be dressed to impress in this adorable sushi cat collar and bow tie set from Made By Cleo.

So much cute art depicting the cat-sushi combo!

For any enamel pin collectors:

Sushi Master Cat T-shirt available on Amazon.

Serve your sushi in style with these adorable cat-themed sauce dishes:

And finally, make sure kitty gets an actually sushi treat with Cat Sushi Bonito Flakes, available in classic cut and thick cut on Amazon.

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